Project Brief
Ninth Letter is an award-winning collaborative art and literary journal produced by the Creative Writing Program and School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois. During four months, I worked with 5 designers to design the 192 page arts and literary journal from manuscript to bound book. We developed the interior book and cover design. We conceptualized and executed the branding, illustrations, photography, and typographic layout within the limited budget. My individual contribution includes theme development, typographic layout, image making, lettering, ornaments, illustrations, and copywriting all ads. Included are sketches and options that were created but are not in the final print.
You can purchase a copy of Ninth Letter 16.2 here.
Some words from the Ninth Letter editor and Graphic Design advisor:

"I could not be happier with the design of this issue, and working with Natalie and the students was one of the best experiences I’ve had.”  - Jodee Stanley
"Every little detail in type and image is considered and connected and overall it is a great joy to read. I have to say that in my 13 years on UIUC campus, I find your edition to be the most fantastic. Gorgeous work!"   - Eric Benson​​​​​​​
Style Guide
Title Sketches
Final Iterations 
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