Project Brief
Project Able is a proposal focused around marginalization in higher education. We have found that higher education lacks accessibility for mobility impaired students. This started our movement: Project Able.
Through extensive research and interviews, we found that many schools do a great job at providing accessibility in both avenues of education and transportation. However, social and recreational opportunities were lacking for these students. Our goal was to introduce an experience that would help businesses recreate the collegiate experience for mobility impaired students in a way that would initiate a welcoming and open conversation about the topic.
Project Able hopes to give companies the resources to make the space ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible in celebratory way while de-stigmatizing the conversation of accessibility. This project was in collaboration with Pascale Grant.
Style Guide
Final Product
The box includes a company invitation, personal stories sheet, fact box, pain points print, solutions print, posters, and an interactive hula hoop for an accessibility activity (person should wear the hula hoop to see if their space is accessible - hula hoop dimensions are roughly the same as a wheelchair).
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